Google Maps adds one of its most useful features yet in brand new update


Google Maps is an incredibly handy service that regularly receives updates from the tech giant.

Although Google typically makes an announcement when a huge new feature is released, there are a number of subtle tweaks added that radically change the experience of using the software.

Google Maps allows users to share their locations with friends and family, this allows for meet ups to be made incredibly easy thanks to the accurate tracking systems in place.

But now it appears when you share location, the person you are sharing it with will also be able to see the battery life of the device you did it from.

Android Police first noticed the new feature and explained the new feature will display the percentage of battery life in addition to “charging status”.

The publication declared it tested the feature and it was incredibly accurate.

Google Maps’ latest update will surely be incredibly helpful for those wondering why someone may not be responding to calls for text messages.

Similarly, it could also be a good way to check whether someone is telling the truth if they claim they did not get back to you because they ran out of power.

When you share your location with another user on Google maps, they are able to easily get directions to the location specified.

It was rumoured such a feature could make its way to Google Maps after Android Police conducted an in-depth dive into the app’s v9.71 beta that launched back in February.

The publication admitted it initially believed the feature would provide users with an estimate of battery life, but it appears the fully-released version is more precise.

Last week Google Maps added a new feature to deal with user food cravings.

The functionality, called “match” estimates how much you will like a restaurant.

It determines a percentage based on food and drink preferences in addition to restaurant reviews the user has given out.

In an effort to increase the accuracy of the new service Google will frequently prompt users to give opinions of other restaurants.

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