Grave robbers desecrate holy temple and steal four heads from corpses | World | News


According to reports, the security guard discovered the opened coffins which had been carelessly strewn about the cemetery.

Only the skulls had been removed from the burial site.

The guard called local police and the public prosecutor’s office and forensics officers arrived at the temple to check the affected cemetery.

Cops believe the grave robbers smashed open the coffins with bricks and concrete slabs, which were found scattered around the site.

They inspected the four opened wooden coffins, but found five others that were also damaged.

It is believed that they tried to take those skulls too, but were interrupted in the process and left the cemetery.

Local authorities said that the robbery took place in the early hours of the morning, although no one has been arrested so far and there are no leads as to where the skulls were taken to.

However, as with similar grave thefts in the past, it is believed they may have been sold to forensic odontology and medical students.

Three of the four bodies have been identified as two men and a woman, but their names were not revealed.

The investigation is ongoing.

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