Gunman USA: Michigan bank under siege as failed bank robber takes hostages in Canton | World | News


The FBI assisted with the situation and Canton police officers and members of the Wester-Wayne Special Operations Team were also at the scene.

They said the suspect was barricaded inside the bank with three employees.

Canton Township Supervisor Pat Williams said: “We are praying.”

The assistant manager of the bank texted her husband throughout the situation.

Owner of Rose’s Restaurant and Lounge on the corner of Canton Centre, next to the bank, said: “Right now the police have it all secured in the area.

“They have a good lockdown on it, and we evacuated the restaurant for the safety of our patrons and cancelled our reservations.

“They have it all blocked off right now. They don’t know how long it’s going to be. The gentleman is in the bank.

“It’s a little tense honestly right now.”

The suspect surrendered peacefully and no injuries have been reported.

Police said it was unclear whether the gunman worked alone or with accomplices.

People were urged to avoid the area and not to call the police unless it is an emergency.

Canton police said in a statement: “Please refrain from calling to see if nearby businesses or the roads are open.

“Your cooperation is appreciated.”

Canton Centre Road is closed to traffic and officers are diverting drivers away.

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