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The US Geological Survey has warned that these “ballistic blocks” could be shot a distance of more than half a mile from Kilauea’s Halemaumau crater and debris could even be spread for tens of miles. 

Eruptions haven been an expected threat since the Kilauea volcano erupted almost two weeks ago.

The US Geological Survey has warned that more explosions are expected and the blasts could send 20,000 feet of ash plume from the crater.

The USGS said: “This morning dense ballistic blocks up to two feet across were found in the parking lot a few hundred yards from Halemaumau Kilauea’s crater.

“These reflect the most energetic explosions yet observed and could reflect the onset of steam-driven explosive activity.

“Further observations are necessary to asses this interpretation. Additional such explosions are expected and could be more powerful.”

Ash is expected to be a new hazard for Hawaii’s main island from the volcano, which has already forced the evacuation of 2,000 people.

Plumes of sulphur dioxide have caused volcano ash to spread in the airs, which has caused concern for any aeroplanes in the area.

The Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said: “Smog from Kilauea drifted north up the island chain as the districts of Kau, Puna, and North and South Hilo were told by the National Weather Service to expect ashfall.

“Hawaii County Civil Defence said a dusting of ash was visible on property and advised residents to avoid exposure to the powdered rock, which can cause irritation to eyes and airways.” 

Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and it last experienced explosive eruptions in 1924.

This terrifying eruption has the power to cover the big island in thicker ash falls and spread ash and smog across the Hawaiian islands.

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake at the volcano at just after 8am local times caused authorities to issue an alert.


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