Hawaii volcano eruption: Video shows DEVASTATION wreaked by Kilauea’s ENORMOUS fissures | World | News


The Hawaii volcano Kilauea shows no signs of simmering down this week, as enormous lava-spewing fissures continue to destroy roads and homes.

The footage shows Sky News correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter encountering a still-steaming lava flow blocking a major road.

She said: “The situation in this part of the island remains really unpredictable.

“This huge lava flow arrived in just a few hours and it completely covered this road, completely blocking what could be a major evacuation route.”

Later, an enormous plume of toxic lava haze starts to blow towards the group, causing anxiety among the soldiers.

The haze, produced when molten rock meets seawater, contains deadly gases and particles.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Anthony said: “I don’t know what it’s like to breathe in hydrochloric acid and glass shards but I really don’t want to find out.”

The team were taking part in roving patrols combing through evacuation zones to track the fissures that continue to up on the island as volcanic activity continues.

Fissures can cause roads to collapse, cutting off communities the island from rescue

Experts have warned of further explosions from the Kilauea volcano after a massive eruption last Thursday which sent a gigantic ash cloud about 30,000ft into the air.

University of Manchester volcanologist Mike Burton has warned about the dangers of gas that could be emitted now the lava has reached the Pacific Ocean.

He said: “I have done throughout my career I have done measurements of these volcanic gases, so I have been in these volcanic plumes. It is really unpleasant, you have got this hydrogen chloride so it’s a chloride gas and sulphur dioxide.

“In particular the sulphur dioxide gas is coming out all the time form the lava flows which we have been seeing. But in particular, on Kilauea it is when the lava reaches the sea when it can react with salt. Sodium chloride in the sea, that releases chlorine and becomes hydrogen chloride gas.”

The Hawaii Coast Guard has enforced a safety zone extending 300 metres around the point where lava is pouring into the Pacific Ocean.

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