Hollywood star blasts Trump as ‘total loser’ and ‘wannabe gangster’


Actor and film producer Robert De Niro hit out against President Trump, calling him “a total loser” and a “wannabe gangster” one day after the Mueller report was released.

De Niro, who has a longstanding feud with Trump, said on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Friday that he had originally been open to giving Trump the benefit of the doubt regarding his presidency and the portrayal of his actions, but after seeing some of the elements uncovered in the Mueller investigation, is convinced that Trump is unbecoming of the office.

“That’s what I said right after he was elected. Give him a chance. I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. This guy has proven himself to be a total loser,” De Niro said.

“Even gangsters have morals and they have ethics. They have a code and you know when you give somebody your word, it’s your word, because it’s all you have is your word. This guy, he doesn’t even know what that means.”

De Niro also said last week that he hopes Trump is arrested by federal authorities in the aftermath of the Mueller report.

“I might even be happier the day that Mueller puts him in handcuffs, takes him in an orange jumpsuit and puts him away for a long time,” De Niro said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Last year while giving a speech at the Tony Awards, De Niro said “I’m going to say one thing: fuck Trump. It’s no longer ‘down with Trump,’ it’s ‘fuck Trump!'”

Trump later responded to De Niro via Twitter, saying the actor and producer is ” a very low IQ individual.”

De Niro has played special counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live since 2017.

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