Humber Bridge climber Night Scape captured in astonishing video…


Nail-biting footage has been captured of the moment that a group of men climbed to the top of the Humber Bridge.

The fearless young men, who made the ascent in the early hours before posting footage online today, breached security fencing before climbing on to the bridge’s huge suspension wires and using wires as handholds to shimmy their way up the 500ft structure.

None of the climbers, led by blogger and urban explorer Harry Gallagher, also known as Night Scape, were equipped with ropes or harnesses.

After making their way to the top and contending with the high winds sweeping across the Humber, the group were forced to make a quick exit from the bridge after CCTV security cameras started turning towards them.

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The four climbers then quickly ran back down the bridge on the same beams they had used to get up there and jumped back in their car, which was parked near Humber Bridge Country Park, to make a hasty exit.

London-based vlogger Gallagher has a following of more than 500,000 on YouTube has previously climbed Canary Wharf in London. He has been free-running since the age of 11 and has previously been spotted climbing high-rise buildings in Canary Wharf as well as West Ham’s London Stadium.

Mr Gallagher, who fronts the video which was posted on o the social media after the climb, didn’t even know that the Humber Bridge existed prior to the climb. On social media the group described visiting “Grimsby” for the climb.

By the time the group reach the top, Gallagher can be heard describing the experience as “crazy” and “madness.”

Speaking in their car after they quickly descended when CCTV turned on them while they were at the summit, he said: “Everything was going fine but then the cameras started moving around and facing us.”

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Since opening in 1981, more than 200 people have jumped or fallen from the bridge, which was the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world until 1998.

Out of all those incidents, only five people are known to have survived the fall, and this year, calls have been made for the numbers of mental health organisations to be placed along the bridge to prevent suicides.

The Humber Bridge board is believed to be aware of the incident and has been contacted for comment.

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