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Robert Simmons Jr and his cat was rescued in New Bern on Friday.

Mr Simmons reportedly climbed into a rescue boat with the kitten who has since been named Survivor.

Local reporter Andrew Carter tweeted: “Meet Robert Simmons.

“Was stuck in his house since last night, when floodwaters began to rise in New Bern.

“A boat came and rescued him just now.

“He was sad to leave his father but left with his kitten hugging his neck.

“Cat’s name: Survivor.”

More than two feet of rain has already fallen on the area.

The overflowing Neuse River swamped the streets of New Bern with water so deep only the tops of street signs were visible.

Photos and video of the heartwarming moment the kitten reached safety have been shared online.

The images show the animal soaking wet, mewing and clinging to its owner.

Mr Simmons told the Raleigh News & Observer: “We done been through Bertha, Fran, Irene, Matthew.”

“But this storm was the worst it’s ever been.”

While Mr Simmons spoke to reporters, the kitten climbed inside his jacket and mewed.

It then crawled out and clasp to his shoulder.

Mr Simmonds said: “I feed him.

“I’m an animal lover.” 

Officials say hundreds of people in New Bern have been rescued from high water.

The city said in its latest update on Saturday more than 100 people still needed to be rescued.

Emergency crews are working around the clock to retrieve them.

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