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Iran has executed over 200 people in 2018 so far as criticism of the government continues to mount. In November alone, Iran has executed 13 prisoners with at least three of them being public. On November 21, three men were publicly executed by being hung from cranes in the Iranian city of Shiraz.

Earlier this month, on November 14, 10 prisoners were executed in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj by hanging as well.

These executions come as protests continue to spread throughout the country over the increasingly weak economy that has forced many Iranians into poverty.

During a meeting of the UN General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee, a new resolution calling on Iran to end its use of arbitrary detention, as well as raising concerns for the “alarmingly high” use of the death penalty, was approved.

The resolution was given the go-ahead in an 85-30 vote split, with 68 abstentions.

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It is believed the vast majority of the 193-member world body will approve it in a vote next month.

President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Maryam Rajavi, praised the UN for its decision.

She said: “Condemning the systematic and gross violations of human rights by the theocratic regime ruling Iran, the UN resolution once again confirmed that the regime blatantly tramples upon the Iranian people’s most fundamental rights in all political, social and economic spheres
“The Iranian regime is in no way congruous with the 21st century and must be isolated by the world community.”

Protests broke out last month after lorry drivers and teachers began protesting the increasingly high cost for goods in Iran and the insufficient wages as the Iranian economy remains in a recession.

After pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement in May, US President Donald Trump reimposed sanctions against Tehran.

This caused the Iranian economy to plummet despite previously anticipated growth at the beginning of the year.

The UK, EU, China and Russia have all said that they will continue to honour the agreement and that they will create an alternate way to continue to provide economic relief to Tehran that does not use the US’ dollar-based system.

Trump has threatened that anyone that continues to do business with Iran will suffer consequences.

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