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The Israeli Prime Minister, who has been hawkish on Iran during his lengthy tenure, will face another election in September after failing to form a government in April. Mr Netanyahu’s Likud Party failed to attract the support of traditional right-wing and religious parties – leading to fears that he would shift even further right. Speaking exclusively to, Arab-Israeli MP Dr Yousef Jabareen, who is part of the left-wing Hadash-Ta’al alliance in the Knesset, explained how Mr Netanyahu likes to keep Iran at the centre of the conversation in order to cement his own position.

He said: “Netanyahu will do anything to survive.

“A war in government is maybe the only way that could save him – and so, military attacks on Gaza and tensions with Iran could end up serving him in the end.

“Netanyahu wants Iran to be the main issue in the Middle East.

“He has also been reaching out to the Arab states, arguing that Iran is a common enemy for Israel and for all countries in the region.

“There is a clear manipulation of the issue of Iran to serve his own interest.”

Last night Mr Netanyahu called on Britain, France and Germany to impose severe sanctions on Tehran after they exceeded their uranium enrichment limit under the nuclear deal.

He shockingly likened Iran’s move to Nazi Germany’s occupation of the Rhineland in 1936.

It was just the latest in a long line of combative rhetoric from the Israeli Prime Minister, who has been stoking tensions with Tehran since he came into power in 2009.

During his campaign at the time, he said he would do “everything necessary” to stop Iranian scientists developing a nuclear weapon.

According to Dr Jabareen, however, Mr Netanyahu will continue to rebuff any efforts for peace talks with Tehran.

He added: “Any involvement against Iran will definitely be a risk, but it seems clear he is doing everything he can to be an obstacle to a peace deal.

“Tensions are the result of hypocrisy on the Israeli side because they have a nuclear weapon and facility that is out of the supervision of the international community.

“There is a double standard – on one hand, they prevent any international supervision of their own facility while demanding a strong supervision of Iran.”

Dr Jabareen is hoping that his own coalition of Arab parties can succeed in the October elections and put pressure on Mr Netanyahu’s own alliance to seek talks with Iran instead of conflict.

He said: “The Iranians say that they are willing to reach a compromise – and this is the right way to do it.

“Political negotiation and compromise are key – any alternative would be a disaster for the entire world.”

Dr Jabareen, who was elected in 2015, also confirmed the re-establishment of the Joint List – a political alliance of four Arab-dominated parties in Israel – for the September elections.

It was originally dissolved in February earlier this year following disagreements within the alliance.

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