Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant? Tristan Thompson Believes She Will Be the 'Best Mom'


was the happiest woman on earth when her boyfriend threw her a surprise birthday party yesterday on Sunday, June 25. Following recent which emerged after she was spotted wearing a diamond ring at the bash, Koko might have another big surprise for all with the apparent hint at little Khloe and Tristan.

Among a number of photos Khloe shared, there was one which got fans excited. The “” star posted a photo on her Snapchat account featuring a Polaroid photo of herself and Tristan with “Dad + Mom” written on it. A Twitter user named @xemilyrodgersx uploaded a screenshot of it and tweeted, “Is @khloekardashian pregnant?? Her Snapchat has me thinking she is! I hope she is, she deserves all the happiness in the world.”

It remains to be seen whether the pair are expecting a baby or they are just cute nicknames Khloe and Tristan share. However, should Khloe be the mother of Tristan’s future kids, the Cleveland Cavaliers player reportedly “has no doubt that Khloe will be the best mom ever.”

“They’re getting closer and closer and are falling more in love with each other,” a source tells . “Khloe’s made no secret of her desire to get married and start a family with him. They’ve had the discussion and it’s only a matter of time now.”

“Khloe is definitely the girl for Tristan. With Khloe by his side, he feels like he can conquer the world. It’s true love and he can’t wait until they’re man and wife and start their next adventure together,” the source continues, before adding that “everything is going like a dream” for the couple and “Khloe has been an amazing support to Tristan” following his [NBA championship] loss.

Khloe flaunts their romance by sharing a photo of them kissing in a dimly-lit place during her birthday party. Signature “KOKO” balloons serve as background of the sweet photo. “My King,” so the star simply writes in the caption.

My King

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Earlier today, the lovebirds sparked engagement rumors as Khloe showed off her large diamond ring while getting out of the car during their way to her surprise birthday party, which was apparently organized by her sisters , , and , at Blind Dragon. At this point, the pregnancy and marriage plan rumors are not completely baseless.


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