Italian election: Shock photos after violence erupts in Italy – Three officers injured | World | News


”Anti-fascist” protesters tried to break through a police cordon to reach a hotel where the far-right Casapound party was holding a rally for its candidates.

Shock photos show Italian police officers struggling to contain protestors as they rush to extinguish Molotov cocktails thrown at them.

Officers in riot gear charged at the demonstrators after protestors started setting off smoke bombs and firecrackers.

Protesters throwing large firecrackers and bottles while holding a banner reading: “Turin is anti-fascist”. Police fired more teargas and pursued the protesters, seeking to disperse them.

Protestors used their rally banners to shield themselves as police officers used water canons and gas cylinders to warn off the demonstrators.

The protesters were ultimately kept away from the Casapound event. Casapound won 9 percent of the vote in a Rome municipal election in November, but has never had a member of parliament.

Three police officers suffered minor injuries and made a number of arrests.

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