It’s Happening! Natti Natasha Reciprocates Rob Kardashian’s Flirty Tweet


It's Happening! Natti Natasha Reciprocates Rob Kardashian's Flirty Tweet
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Despite objection from many of Rob’s Twitter followers and some fans of Natti, both the Dominican singer and the former reality TV star seem to show interest to each other.

Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha continue their flirty Twitter exchange after people warned the former of a potential romantic relationship with the Latina beauty. Apparently ignoring their objection, the 32-year-old singer seems to reciprocate Rob’s feelings by responding to his move with a sweet comment on his daughter Dream.

On Tuesday, May 4, Natti reposted a sweet video of Dream adorably saying, “Night, night Daddy… I love you” and “Sweet dreams,” to wish her father good night. The Dominican-born star commented on the video, “Princess… God Bless Her.”

Natti Natasha Gushed Over Rob Kardashian's Daughter Dream

Previously, Rob left a comment on Natti’s topless picture. The singer was almost naked in the photo, taking a selfie in the bathroom with her long raven hair strategically covering her breasts. He retweeted the post and wrote, “Oh hi.”

But it turns out that Rob and Natti’s flirty Twitter exchange has been going throughout the past month. He has retweeted the music video for her song “La Mejor Version De Mi” twice along with three heart emojis and a picture of the raven beauty lounging in a bathtub while being fully clothed. The 32-year-old sock designer captioned the photo with the heart-eyes emojis, and Natti responded by calling him “My Rob.”

Natti Natasha Reciprocates Rob Kardashian's Flirty Tweet

People have weighed in on Rob’s potential romantic relationship with Natti and many seemed to be against it. “Not again,” one reacted, seemingly alluding to his failed romance with his ex and baby mama Blac Chyna. Another simply wrote, “Robert, no.”

“Robert, come on man I need you to do better,” another weighed in on his type of girlfriend. Another warned him, “DONT DO IT ROB!!!!” Someone else advised Rob to approach Natti privately instead of in public. “Rob not in public,” the said user commented.

A clear Natti fan, meanwhile, told Rob to “leave the queen alone.”

Some others, however, are supportive of the two should they make their romance official. One person wrote, “Get married with her! Natti is amazing and super singer!!!” Another suggested the two “would make a good couple.” Someone else is fully supportive of Rob’s choice, writing, “If Rob stans Natti, I do too.”

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