Jay-Z and Solange Are at War Over Beyonce's Twins Delivery


and are at war over ‘ impending twins delivery. Rumor has it, Jay-Z and Solange are “at each other’s throats” over who should be by Beyonce’s side when she gives birth to twins.

“Solange has really been with Bey a hell of lot, doing prenatal yoga classes with her and rubbing stretchmark oil all over her,” an insider reveals, “Jay’s insisting it’s his job to be there during the birth and wants Solange outside in the waiting area.”

The insider tells , “It’s turning into a real standoff and bringing up a lot of past ill will, which is probably why neither of them have thought about asking what Beyonce wants! Now Jay and Solange are back at it and2014heir relationship has turned into a real power struggle.”

Previous report claimed that Beyonce located just minutes from Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles as she’s getting ready to give birth.

“Beyonce has already decided that the twins will be born at Cedars, and she wants Jay-Z to have a house for them to return to when they leave, not a hotel,” a source revealed, “[She] wants everything to be perfect and things keep going wrong. And this move near the hospital will make her delivery so much easier, she thinks.”

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