Jurors set to hear closing arguments in 'Pharma Bro' case


A jury is set to hear closing arguments at the securities fraud trial of former biotech CEO and social media provocateur Martin Shkreli (SHKREL’-ee).

The arguments are scheduled for Thursday in federal court in Brooklyn, with deliberations expected to begin as early as Friday.

Prosecutors say Shkreli is a con man who repeatedly lied to rich investors in two hedge funds he ran into the ground. The defense says he’s a misunderstood “genius” who ended up making money for his alleged victims.

Before his 2015 arrest, Shkreli was best known for jacking up the cost of a life-saving drug and trolling his critics on the internet, earning the nickname “Pharma Bro.”

In a recent Facebook post, the 34-year-old defendant called the case “bogus.”

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