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The killer 90mph winds, named Storm Friederike in Germany, are crossing the country from west to east and the storm is expected to hit Poland overnight.

Falling trees and debris have killed three people in Holland, as shocking footage showed people being blown over by the powerful gales.

A German man, 59, was killed by a falling tree in Emmerich near the Dutch border, while a 68-year-old lorry driver was killed in Lippstadt western Germany.

A 28-year-old fireman in Bad Salzungen, Germany, was killed when a tree fell on him.

A Belgian woman was killed while driving near Brussels when a tree fell on her car.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 41 people were injured in weather-related traffic accidents. 

Roughly 100,000 people living in the state were left without power, a spokesman for the energy company Westnetx said.

The powerful winds have plunged rail and air travel services into chaos.

Germany’s train operator Deutsche Bahn cancelled all long distances services for the rest of Thursday when the winds arrived.

Various domestic flights between Berlin and Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne have been cancelled. 

Flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphzl airport were briefly suspended when the storm blow roof plates off the terminal building.

Two of its three departure halls were also shut down.

Passengers arriving in Amsterdam reported rough landing with fellow travellers throwing up.

The storm knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes overnight.

Dutch cops temporarily closed the centre of Almere, a city of roughly 200,000 people.

They tweeted telling people to stay indoors. 

German meteorologists has also warned people stay inside as Friederike passes through.

National transport website VID reported that at least 17 trucks have been blown down by powerful winds.

Dutch Railways operator ProRail said power lines had been damaged by wind.

Shipping containers and entire roofs have been ripped off homes in Rotterdam.

An extreme weather expert from German’s national weather service has the damahe from Friederike is unlikely to match that of Storm Xaiver last year. 

Xavier crossed Europe lin October and left seven Germans and two Polish people dead. 

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