Kim Kardashian had to ‘wing it’ while speaking at the White House [Video]


On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday night, Kim Kardashian admitted she had to “wing it” during her last visit to the White House.

In June, Kardashian made an appearance at the White House to promote the hiring of former prisoners who were released under the First Step Act at a second chance hiring and reentry event, where she was introduced by President Donald Trump and announced her new partnership with the rideshare company, Lyft. As it turns out, the reality star was super nervous going into the event.

“I am freaking the f*** out,” Kardashian exclaimed on KUWTK. “This is the biggest crowd ever. I’m getting pulled into this room that you see all the presidents speak at when they’re doing a press conference.”

“I couldn’t even look down at my speech that I had printed out because there were cameras on me from literally every angle. So I had to slip the speech, like, into my bag and just put my bag on the floor. And I had to wing it,” Kardashian explained.

As for Kardashian’s Lyft partnership and initiative? In case you missed the press conference earlier this year, Kardashian stated in her speech, “I’m so happy to announce today that we have a rideshare partnership. Formerly incarcerated people will be gifted cards, so that they can get rides to and from job interviews, to and from jobs, family members. And that is so important, so needed. And so I’m just thankful to everyone here that’s in support, and so proud of this partnership with the rideshare organization. So thank you.”

Even though it’s been four months since Kardashian’s White House appearance, Keeping Up fans were reminded about how proud they are of her criminal justice reform work, and took to Twitter to express their continued support of the reality star.

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