Lightwater Valley accident: Boy, 7, CRITICAL after ‘fall from Twister rollercoaster’


A seven-year-old boy who suffered head injuries after falling from a rollercoaster at Lightwater Valley is fighting for his life in hospital.

The boy is thought to have fallen roughly 20ft from the Twister rollercoaster yesterday morning.

It was previously reported the boy was six but his age has been confirmed as seven by North Yorkshire Police (NYP) this morning.

Overnight his condition has worsened, the force said.

A joint investigation into the accident is being held by NWP and the Health and Safety Executive.

The ride remains closed today however the theme park, near Ripon in North Yorkshire, is open.

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The boy is thought to have fallen between 15 to 20ft

His condition has been described as life threatening


In a statement, Lightwater Valley said: “We have been informed by North Yorkshire Police that the medical condition of the child involved in the incident at the park yesterday has deteriorated overnight and he is now in a critical condition.

“We are devastated by this news and our thoughts are with the family.

“While the Health and Safety Executive investigation is continuing, we will support them and be guided by their advice.”

The boy was flown to hospital via an air ambulance

The Twister rollercoaster in Lightwater Valley theme park near Ripon

On Friday, North Yorkshire Police said in statement: “The boy was taken to Leeds General Infirmary with head injuries following the incident where he currently remains.

“However, his condition is now described as critical.”   

Lara-Susan James, who had just joined the queue for the rollercoaster with her children, said a group were shouting at the operator to stop the ride when the boy ‘fell’ on Thursday morning.

She said: “It was at that moment I realised something was wrong.

The boy was initially not thought to have suffered life-threatening injuries

Police were called and a health and safety investigation is now underway

“I saw the operator apply the emergency stop.

“My husband pointed to the fallen kid on the ground, saying they had fallen out.

“When the ride stopped, the family jumped the barriers and went to the kid.

“I ushered our kids away as I don’t want them to hear or see any more.”

Mark Charnley, who was queuing for the Twister with his 10-year-old daughter while enjoying a half-term break, said he looked up to see the boy “hanging backwards outside of the actual carriage”.

There was a fatal accident on the same ride 18 years ago

Jon Philo hurdled a barrier to come to the aid of the schoolboy

He told Sky News: “He’s obviously got himself out of his restraint somehow.

“Two seconds after that he actually fell out of the carriage to the floor, maybe around 12-15 foot he fell.

“After that everybody in the queue, everybody around, started shouting to the operator of the ride to shut it down as he hadn’t noticed what had gone on.

Police were called to reports of a “medical incident”

One witness said the boy’s mum “screamed hysterically beside him”

“Two guys dove over the actual barriers to get to the lad who was on the floor.

“After that I got out of there with my daughter. I’m quite surprised they did leave the actual park open to be honest with you.

“I would’ve thought they would have closed it down.”

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