Little Mix's 'Power' Video Is Just As Iconic As We Were Hoping For


You have to hand it to ‘Little Mix’ – they give good video, and their latest one for new single ‘Power’ is no different. 

The girl group have unleashed their new promo on the world, and while everyone may be a bit wrapped up in the general election result, it definitely deserves four minutes of your attention. 

Why? Well, because this is one of this one of the things it features: 


Yes, that’s Jade with ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ stars Courtney Act, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and Willam. 

The video also features rapper Stormzy, after the group got him on board to record on the single version of the track. 

In it, he’s heard rapping about independent women, adding: “You can be a woman and a boss and wear the trousers at the same time.”


And in something we’ve not seen since the Spice Girls released ‘Mama’ in 1996, the girlband also give their mums a cameo appearance in the video.

And that is exactly why we love them. 


Watch the full video for ‘Power’ above.

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