Manchester Arena explosion caught on harrowing video footage


SHOCKING video footage appears to show the moment a huge explosion rocked Manchester Arena.

Dashcam video shot by Joe Gregory captures a flash of light followed by a large bang emitting from the building.

Greater Manchester Police has confirmed there have been “a number of fatalities” following a serious incident at an Ariana Grande concert.

Witnesses have described the blasts as a “bomb going off”.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang at around 10.30pm inside the venue as American pop artist Arianna Grande finished her performance in front of thousands of fans.

Manchester Arena explosionTWITTER

EXPLOSION: The moment a blast occurred at Manchester Arena has been caught on camera

“If you look towards the left you see the explosion and hear the bang”

Joe Gregory

Sophie Tedd, 25, told The Guardian: “We were sitting on that side then suddenly there was this big bang in the block next to us.

“Everyone started screaming and we nearly got trampled on. There was a burning smell.”

Now chilling dash cam footage has emerged reportedly capturing the horrifying incident from a vehicle parked in waiting outside the arena.

Twitter user Gregory, who uploaded the short clip, wrote: “If you look towards the left you see the explosion and hear the bang.

“I hope to GOD everyone is ok, and so glad Jess and Em are.”

The 30-second video appears to show the arena light up briefly before an echoing ‘boom’ rings out across the sky.

It is still unclear what exactly caused the explosion, although police confirm there have been multiple fatalities.

Armed police are now said to be surrounding the immediate area moving members of the public away.

Many are taking refuge in a nearby Holiday Inn after Victoria Station cancelled all services and forced people to evacuate.


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