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The Mayans were a civilisation known for their architecture, mathematics and astronomical beliefs, who date back to as far as 2000BC, with many of their impressive constructions still standing in the jungles of southeast Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and western parts of Honduras. This advanced population used a 260-day calendar, known as the Tzolkin, which combines 20-day names with 13-day numbers to give each day a unique name, used to determine the time of religious and ceremonial events. In recent years, the calendar gained attention after claiming to have calculated the end of the world to occur on December 21, 2012, regarded to be the end-date of a 5,126-year-long cycle.

However, despite the globe still spinning, Amazon Prime’s “Mayan’s Revelations” claimed the ancient culture may have actually been more aware of nature than first believed.

Abuelo Lolmay, an expert on Mayan spirituality explained why the calendar was integral to his predecessors.

He said in 2016: “The sacred calendar is one of the most important because it is the one that governs the life of humanity, not only individuals but also plants and animals and all of nature.

“The days of the sacred calendar are 260 days combined with 13 numbers.

“After reaching 13 it begins with 1 to 13 again and so on, until completing the cycle of 260.”

Carlos Barrios, another Mayan expert, added: “In the Mayan world, in the sacred calendar, the Cholq’ij, gives you energy, your awaxaq’ij, with which you know who you are and what you came for.

“You know what skills and weaknesses you have and how to aim your life at an evolution.”

Mayan researcher Elizabeth Thieriot then revealed how a discovery by scientists in 2010 may help prove the Mayans were more aware than first thought.

She said: “It is clear that the sacred calendar is more than just a measure of time.

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That field is carried out by the solar wind, with the alternating directions forming a pattern of zebra stripes moving outward past the spacecraft. 

One could imagine a zebra with giant “magnetic stripes” running past the spacecraft and Voyager 1 “observing” an alternating stripe every 13 days.

Ms Thieriot added: “The flux of electrodes and ions created by the solar storm has been proven to disturb our biological processes, causing heart conditions within the most susceptible of our population.

“The Mayans were extremely aware of their oneness with nature, in fact, they may have indicated this within their calculations in the Cholq’ij, proving that our survival as a species is intertwined with that of our environment.

“All of this is celestially influenced.”

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