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The German Chancellor has emphasised the role of compromise in international cooperation, warning that it “should not be attacked”. Speaking at the International Labour Conference today in Geneva, Angela Merkel also warned there will be long and dragging discussions over the creation of a centenary declaration by the International Labour Organisation, advising compromise will need to come to the fore. But Ms Merkel says the “international system of multilateral cooperation is at the moment in danger” – and alluded Britain and the US were to blame.

Ms Merkel said: “Ladies and gents, since this international system of multilateral cooperation is at the moment in danger, since there are many who say ‘alone we can do it better’, I want to emphasise that compromising is part of international cooperation.”

The German Chancellor appeared to refer to Britain and the US, describing the two countries as going it “alone”.

The comments allude to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s increasingly isolationist stance.

Ms Merkel continued: “Compromising should not be attacked, but it is a possibility to achieve a common result with different global views.

“To compromise almost never means 100 percent for anyone.

“But compromising allows us to advance as a whole.”

Ms Merkel made the comments after warning cooperation was required to agree on the terms of the centenary declaration.

The document will encompass the future of employment, outlining the guiding principles for labour with regards to globalisation and digitalisation, as well as challenges posed by climate change and demographic change.

Ms Merkel’s current coalition Government is said to be on the brink of collapse, according to a member of the Chancellor’s own party.

She is set to continue as Chancellor until 2021, despite having already handed over the reins of her party.

Friedrich Merz has said the Grand Coalition “will not last beyond the turn of the year”, due to having no fresh new ideas or major sociopolitical impulses.

He also warned the coalition was not very popular “with either the actors of the citizens”.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg

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