Microsoft Unveils Project Scarlet at E3 2019… Sorta


We’ve known Microsoft’s next console is codenamed “Project Scarlet” for quite some time. It’s still called Project Scarlet, but Microsoft has finally talked about its next Xbox console like it’s a real thing.

A very buzzwordy VT at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 conference tonight showed us lots of people gushing over the technology of the next Xbox – it’s the future of gaming; it’s an investment in technology, it’s not just another console; it’s transformative, immersing; easier for people to get into the game. That’s all excellent-sounding, but we want actual specs. That we didn’t get, exactly, but we do know a little bit about the meaty innards of Scarlet:

  • Custom processor based on AMD’s Zen 2 Navi technology
  • 4x more powerful than Xbox One X
  • Supporting up to 120fps
  • 8k capability
  • Variable refresh rates
  • Realtime ray tracing
  • A new generation of SSD that essentially acts as virtual ram

All that sounds very good. Like Sony’s recent furtive unveiling of the next-gen PlayStation, it sounds like the SSD will be the heart and soul of the console, providing the technology that allows games to have next to no load times, and massively increased performance.

It’ll be coming “holiday 2020”. So we still have a long wait – but boy, it sounds like it’s going to be worth it.



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