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Midterm election results have given the Democrats control of the House of Representatives in the US Congress, providing the opposition party with a new found influence.

The Republican party has now been pushed into a minority, but they gathered strength in the Senate.

The resultant split in the House is set to be an issue for Donald Trump over the next two years.

However, with a well-established majority in the Senate, the Republicans have managed to gather a larger amount of seats than they had before Midterms began.

How many seats do Democrats have in the Senate?

In the Senate, only a third of the total 100 seats were up for reelection, with 35 spaces for new Senators.

Of these 35, 24 were Democratic, meaning the opposition party had to keep every single one of its seats and capture four new Republican Senate positions in order to secure a working majority.

While this was not the case, the Democrat performance in the Senate was still somewhat positive.

Even in the Senate Democrats were not without success, as they managed to flip one space in Nevada.

Democrat Jacky Rosen was able to capture a Senate seat from incumbent Dean Heller.

Ms Rosen managed to hold an impressive 52 percent of the vote against Mr Heller, who finished his campaign a full nine points behind on 43 percent.

In total, the Democrats lost out on the majority by seven percentto the Republicans, retaining 44 of 100 seats in the chamber.

How many seats do the Republicans have?

The Republicans were most successful in the Senate, which could ultimately make up for their loss of power in the House of Representatives.

Republicans only relinquished a single seat in the Senate, and overall took 51 percent.

Together, Republicans and Democrats make up 95 percent of seats, and other parties a further two percent.

Three seats are yet to be declared due to close races.

Donald Trump has remained confident in the Republican Senate majority, declaring an edge over the Democrats despite a massive House win.

The President said: “They can play that game, but we can play it better, because we have a thing called the United States Senate.

“I think I’m better at that game than they are, actually, but we’ll find out.”

With assent from both the House of Representatives and the Senate required for laws to be passed, the Republican Senate could provide resistance against any Democratic bills rising through the House.

In this respect the Republicans still retain a very real hold in the US Congress.

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