Momoland’s JooE Admits to Having Plastic Surgery. Guess Which Part?

Momoland’s JooE Admits to Having Plastic Surgery. Guess Which Part?
Momoland’s JooE Admits to Having Plastic Surgery. Guess Which Part?

While it’s common that many South Korean stars chose to have plastic surgery to enhance their looks, they usually prefer to not openly discuss it in public. But unlike most celebrities, JooE of Momoland has confessed that she went under the knife to fix her nose. Appearing in a December 27 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”, JooE opened up about having had a nose job before her debut as a girl group’s member. “I used my ear cartilage to heighten my nose but I was upset because you couldn’t really tell,” she shared, “I got the surgery done when I was a freshman in high school but I heard people say that I’m a celebrity who was prettier before debut.”

JooE said she hid the fact that she had a nose job from her agency when she auditioned because she didn’t think she would pass. When she passed the audition, her agency suggested she get a nose job without knowing she already got it done, so she eventually had to confess that she had gone under the knife.

JooE’s confession has drawn mixed reactions from fans and haters. “i appreciate a honest girl than those who are telling the lie and act like shes coming from heaven,” one commented on the news. Another praised the singer, “Thats cool. Still my favorite in Momoland. TROPICANA!”

Meanwhile, some others wrote things like, “She needs to get more than one shes very ugly! She doesnt have the idol look sorry not sorry,” “[just] fix her eyes too..,” “she should do another the first one didn’t help” and “She’s not very pretty.. she looks weird.”

However, some others defended the idol and hit back at the haters. “She’s beautiful just the way she is,” one replied to the negative comment. Another wrote, “Yes, she may not be the prettiest idol out there but she seems to be have a sweet personality. That’s a bit more important than looks. Jmo.”

Attempting to silence the haters, another added, “the comment section is already full of salty. Just let her be, like who cares if she got her work done? It’s her life she can do whatever she wants. People are so judgemental with looks, no one is perfect in this world. ”

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