Nick – the man who ‘invented’ murderous Westminster VIP child abuse ring


“The sort of individual concerned only for himself, unconcerned with the impact on others, whether it is falsely accusing them of heinous crimes, seeking to attribute blame to his own son for child pornography or gathering covert indecent images of small boys visiting his house.”

Mr Badenoch suggested it was Mr Beech’s interest in child pornography that had prompted him to go to the police with his own allegations in the first place.

He told the court: “It all suggests that he also wants to be a part of it, and so he talked about it to the Metropolitan Police, intending for them to take it seriously and enable him to continue to do so.”

The ‘fake Fred email account’

On the second day of his trial at Newcastle Crown Court, the jury was told how Mr Beech had used an encrypted email account to contact the police, claiming to be a childhood friend called Fred, who had also suffered abuse at the hands of the paedophile ring.

Mr Badenoch QC, prosecuting, explained: “Carl Beech purported to be corresponding with another person, Fred, and ultimately Fred made contact by email with the Metropolitan Police, or so it appeared.”

In one email, purportedly sent by Fred, to a psychologist who was acting as a go between with the police, he wrote: “Nick and I went through hell together, but he has dealt with it a lot better than I ever will. I have never talked things through with anyone except him and I need to give consideration on how things might impact on the life I have made for myself…I know Nick wants me to come forward and I need to see if I can do what he wants me to do, but also what is right for me.”

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