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Stephen Miles, the Director of the Win Without War coalition, a think tank program of the Centre for International Policy, stated the Republican firebrand’s decision shows a stark change in US policy.

He explained: “I think the message is pretty clear.

“Trump is throwing in the towel as to whatever extent he was considering diplomacy and is preparing for war.”

Mr Miles added the appointment of Mr Bolton is part of Donald Trump’s formation of a “war cabinet” against North Korea and Iran.

In the space of a month Donald Trump ousted both Rex Tillerson and H.R. McMaster in favour of “two proponents of violent regime change” and have opposed the Iran nuclear deal, according to Mr Miles.

Daniel L. Davis, a defence expert and retired Army Colonel, also told Newsweek that although Mr Trump has long argued there should be no more “stupid wars”, the aggressive stance of John Bolton makes the situation “curious”.

He explained: “President Trump ran on a platform of no more regime change, no more stupid wars and argued the Iraq War was a mistake.

“His new selection for national security adviser is curious, then, given that Bolton stands for the polar opposite on all three—overtly advocates for regime change in Tehran, recommends a military solution for Korea and still defends the Iraq War as good.”

Mr Bolton has previously advocated for violence towards North Korea and Iran.

In February the national security advisor wrote a commentary entitled “The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First” and another in 2015 dubbed “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran”.

Both argued the case for a more aggressive US foreign policy.

Mr Davis emphasised his hope for Donald Trump to forego a change in policy that could result in World War 3.

He went on: “I hope that Trump has not changed his mind.

“There’s an enormous opportunity to defuse the situation in a way that nobody has to die and no wars need to be fought.”

Donald Trump long engaged in a war of words with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un that saw them trade blows through the Republican’s use of social media and Kim’s propaganda networks.

However the aggressive rhetoric from Mr Trump secured an invitation from the hermit kingdom for talks with the despot leader.

It is understood that the meeting between the two leaders will take place in May, although no details have been officially confirmed.

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