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North Korea was spotted moving the huge missiles during the night of Monday and Tuesday this week, travelling only under cover of darkness in an attempt to avoid detection.

Launch facilities for the rogue state’s rapidly developing missile programme are located on the west coast, indicating another provocative and potentially deadly missile launch is imminent. 

Observers of Kim Jong-un’s hermit state said the rocket has now arrived at the west coast of North Korea – although South Korea has not yet verified the worrying development. 

South Korea’s defence ministry did warn earlier this week, however, North Korea is considered ready to launch more missiles, including ICBMs, at any time.

The development will set alarm bells ringing in Seoul, Tokyo, Washington and now even London, after it was revealed Europe’s major cities are now within range of there derange dictator’s military toys. 

Last week France warned North Korea is capable of striking Europe, with a nuclear attack even possible “within months”. 

Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s foreign minister, warned of an “explosive” conclusion unless something was done to stop the hermit state. 

He said today: “The situation is extremely serious … we see North Korea setting itself as an objective to have, tomorrow or the day after, missiles that can transport nuclear weapons. 

“In a few months that will be a reality.”

And yesterday the potential death and devastation caused in such an attack on London was outlined in morbid detail.

Website NukeMap revealed around 130,000 people would die in the blast, with a staggering 355,000 people also sustaining injuries in the event of a hypothetical 100 kiloton H-bomb landing on Trafalgar Square. 

They said a fireball would engulf an area spreading from 10 Downing Street up to Leicester Square while a huge airblast would cause almost universal death in an even larger area covering the majority of the heart of London. 

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Anyone within an area spreading 6.5 square miles out from the blast zone would quickly become poisoned by the noxious fumes. 

NukeMap notes: “Dying takes between several hours and several weeks.”

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