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North Korea and America were on a collision course to war before Donald Trump made the decision to meet DPRK leader Kim Jong-un for diplomatic talks.

But former White House advisor Michael Waltz warned that President Trump was simply “exhausting all options” before striking Kim’s nuclear regime.

Speaking on Fox News, Mr Waltz said: “The President has to exhaust every measure before military option though. I think he’s right to take this meeting.

“I think he’s right to look Kim Jong-un directly in the face and say, ‘look if you get this capability to strike the United States with a nuclear-tipped ICBM, it will mean the end of your regime.

“This won’t mean the protection of your regime. This will mean the end of it’.

“We have to exhaust every option.”

The meeting would be the first time a US President has met with a North Korean leader.

The former special forces lieutenant said he is “worried” the North Koreans are using diplomatic talks to simply buy time to build its regime.

Mr Waltz said: “Don’t think for a second that their missile and nuclear engineers are taking a holiday while these talks potentially drag on.

“What I worry about after the summit is, we get bogged down into when inspectors have access, what they have access too, what type of notification they have to give, and that essentially buys the North Koreans the year that the head of the CIA says they need to have a fully capable programme.”

Kim Jong-un has reportedly held secret meetings with his top team of politicians to discuss what he hopes to achieve from his meeting with President Trump, set to take place at the end of May or early June.

It was also revealed the hermit nation had committed, during a meeting with China, to denuclearise if the US and South Korea showed “goodwill”.

The hermit state’s official propaganda outlet, the Korean Central News Agency KCNA added that Kim Jong-un had set “a number of strategic and tactical issues” expected to be discussed.

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