‘Oh, is this YOUR rabbit’ says rattlesnake, while dragging dead pet around by the face


A LUCKY hiker stumbled upon a remarkable discovery after taking a walk through the desert wilderness – a rattlesnake eating a dead rabbit by the face.

The clip begins showing giant deadly predator squirming around clutching the already-dead mammal in its jaws.

Making for rather uncomfortable viewing, the snake’s fangs look hooked into poor deceased critter’s nose as it is rag-dolled over a rocky hillside.

Eventually, the pair come to a halt in a shaded patch of ground, as the cameraman gives a thumbs up for the stunning discovery.

rattlesnake by the face of rabbitINSTAGRAM

OUCH: The rattlesnake drags the lifeless rabbit by the face uphill

The clip has been seen by almost 400,000 people since it was uploaded to Instagram yesterday leaving viewers in awe.

“We share the planet with monsters,” joked one user.

Another said: “That snake is such a hero. Rescuing that unconscious bunny.”

A rattlesnake carrying the rabbit aroundINSTAGRAM

GONNER: The monster reptile is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world

“That rabbit should wake up, there’s a snake eating him,” joked a third.

It comes after a python was filmed taking on a deadly king cobra in a fight to the death.

The heart-stopping footage went viral after captivating viewers online.

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