Olympic Park fire hits venue packed with 'young people' sending smoke into the sky


A HUGE blaze broke out at Sydney Olympic Park sending huge black plumes of smoke billowing into the sky and injuring at least one person.

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RAGING: Black plumes of smoke were seen billowing towards the sky

At least 12 fire engines and 70 fightfighters were dispatched to battle the blaze at the Monster Skate Park in Homebush, Sydney, Australia. 

Dramatic pictures show thick black plumes of smoke billowing hundreds of metres into the sky. 

The skate park is next door to the 83,000 capacity ANZ Stadium, where the Syndey Olympics was held in 2000.

Eyewitnesses told of a “loud bang” before the fire erupted at around 2.30pm local time.

Fire crew have now brought the blaze under control and no one is thought to be injured. 

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INFERNO: Young people were evacuated from the venue by workers

Eyewitnesses told local media the fire appeared to be “definitely high in the roof” of the stake park complex.

One said workers on the roof of the ANZ stadium rushed to the skate park to “get some young people out”.

The witness said: ““It was all very dramatic and there were fire engines everywhere.

“We don’t know if anyone has been hurt.”


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LOUD BANG: A noise was heard before the fire broke out at 2.30pm local time

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EMERGENCY: At least 80 firefighters were at the scene

The blaze started around 2.30pm local time and was described as “rather large” by the fire service.

A spokesperson for NSW Fire Service told news.au: “We have 12 fire crews on the scene with more on the way.

“We don’t know if anyone is trapped inside.”

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EVACUATED: Buildings around the skate park have been cleared

“We don’t know if anyone is trapped inside.”

NSW Fire Service

Medics treated one man in his 30s for mild smoke inhalation before he was rushed to hospital, according to reports. 

Buildings close to the skate park complex were evacuated. 

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