One eyed killer Dale Cregan given protein shakes by 'overfriendly' married nurse


Evil one-eyed Cregan was given a life sentence after luring two female police officers to their death.

But the former drug lord was moved to hospital after going on a hunger strike.

A nurse on the unit where Cregan is being treated has been moved by bosses after making contact with the one-eyed bandit.

Dale CreganGETTY

MANIPULATOR: Hospital bosses claim Cregan is using the nurse to get his own way

“He’s a manipulative and dangerous individual”

Hospital source

The nurse, in her 30s, is believed to have brought Cregan, who boasted about his fitness to a pal in a letter from prison, protein shakes and bars.

A source said hospital bosses have refused to blame the nurse, claiming she was moved for her own safety.

A hospital source said: “It seems Cregan took advantage of this woman’s good nature and placed her in a difficult position.

Dale Cregan mugshotGETTY

HUNGER STRIKE: Cregan was moved to hospital because of poor health

“A decision was made to take her off the ward, and away from him. He’s a manipulative and dangerous individual.”

The source from Ashworth Hospital in Maghull, near Liverpool, added: “She regularly brought Cregan in protein bars and shakes. She was getting over-friendly with him. This sort of thing is frowned upon to say the least. The security implications are obvious.

“There was nothing to suggest it was anything other than the nurse being too good-natured and wanting to help. It was decided it was best to move her.”

Nicola Hughes and Fiona BoneGETTY

RIP: Nicole Hughes and Fiona Bone were murdered by cowardly Cregan

Cregan went on the run after shooting dead Mark Short and his dad, David, in a drug-related murder.

After holing up at an address in Hattersly, Lancashire, Cregan made a bogus call to police, luring PCs Fiona Bone and Nicole Hughes to the property.

As they arrived at the scene, Cregan shot them both with a handgun and hurled a grenade as they lay dying.

No further action is being taken against the nurse.

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