Overwatch Hammond release date: When is Wrecking Ball coming to PS4 and Xbox One


Overwatch Hammond release date: When is Wrecking Ball coming to PS4 and Xbox OneBLIZZARD

Overwatch Hammond release date: When is Wrecking Ball coming to PS4 and Xbox One

A new hero has been added to the Overwatch series, a weaponised hamster known as Hammond.

During the build-up to the big reveal of the new character, it seemed like the character would be called Hammond.

However, Blizzard later confirmed the real name of the hamster is Wrecking Ball.

Most fans expected the character to be a primate, like Winston, who lived together on Horizon Lunar Colony.

While this is his official name, most fans will be sticking to the name we all know and love: Hammond.

The little hamster ball has been playable on the Public Test Region (PTR) on PC for a while.

Players are naturally eager to test out the machine-wielding fuzz ball.

When is Hammond coming to Overwatch?

You can try out the Wrecking Ball right now on PC, as he is currently undergoing testing on the games PTR (Public Test Realm).

For PS4 and Xbox One users, you will have to wait a little longer before you try out the little Hamster.

As with most heroes, Blizzard-like to test out new heroes before making it playable to all consoles.

So it is expected Hammond will launch around two to three weeks after the PTR release.

If all continues to go well in testing, Hammond should be released in the coming weeks.

This means Hammond will most likely be playable for PS4 and Xbox One in July.

It is still early days, but it seems more likely Hammond will drop on July 16.

If that fails, a release before August is still feasible.

Everything was held under wraps until Hammond’s PTR release.

Since then everything has been revealed, including the Hamster’s skins, sprays, highlight intros, emotes and achievements.

What are Hammond’s abilities?

The fuzzy little hamster will be less cute and more dangerous as he can transform into a destructable mechanical ball.

Hammond has two machine guns which can be used to obliterate his enemies, with 80 ammo per clip.

The weapon can inflict a fairly sizeable portion of damage mid-range, and is a good source of suppression fire.

The Mechanical ball can smoothly and quickly move around by transforming into a ball.

As his name insinuates, he can also attach a grappling claw to the walls and surfaces to propel himself into enemies, our out of danger.

Hammond can also create a personal shield around himself, which is increased depending on how many enemies are nearby.

The chubby Hamster can also slam himself quickly into the ground if he is a certain distance above ground.

As Hammond prepares for his ultimate, he will scatter mines around him, hindering any enemies to come nearby.

Blizzard has also revealed two legendary skins, Horizon and Junkertown.

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