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Am ready. The space forc that bran of themilitary, the trp tion wants and, Martha, they’ve alrdy rk on a logoor merchandise. Reporter: They sure have. Trump campaign is working on los. No sooner did vice president pence roll the pla F a space forcenn react to supporters to ch tir favorite space force lo thention, to sell merchae to support trp/pence I 20. It could well be popul but a space forces a long waym bengreality. In fact, it would T an actf congress to create a new of the service, buttrump S been enthusiastically advocating F Thi space force and the Pentagon is nowing out exactly what that would Tak an H that would , Amy. Okay, Marti mean logos aside, should point outre T in space that could disrupt military op even daily life. Reporte absolute. Satellithat erything from gps on our phones to trackingissiles D ships and indeed, benerable and China but the Pentagon is already tracng that and has a space command under the air for with 30,000 personnel keep our space assets sa, but president trump wants that to be its new force and the Pentagon is requesting another $8 biion to do , Amy. It sounds L the I lot more to come on this. Th you. Michael.

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