Playa del Carmen ferry explosion: Horror blast at Mexico resort


A MASSIVE explosion has happened on a ferry at a resort popular with British clubbers.

Ferry explodes MexicoNC

BLAST: A number of tourists were on the ferry when it exploded

At least 18 people are believed to be seriously injured after a blast was reported on a ferry at the Mexican resort of Playa del Carmen.

According to witnesses, passengers ran screaming from the boat after the blast at 1pm local time (6pm GMT).

The ferry had reportedly just arrived at the dock only minutes before it happened.

The cause of the blast is unclear at this stage, but early reports suggest it was a gas explosion.

FErry explosionTWITTER

INJURED: One passenger showed off his injuries after the explosion

Ferry explosionTWITTER

DAMAGE: A huge gaping hole has been left in the side of the passenger ferry

Ferry explosionNC

INJURED: At least a dozen people are injured after the horror blast

Authorities in Quintana Roo are investigating the shocking incident.

Rodrigo Apolimar, a firefighter, said a number of people are injured.

He also revealed there were tourists on board.



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