Prince William Keeps Distance From Wife Kate Middleton at Pippa's Wedding


Prince William kept distance from his wife Kate Middleton while they attended Pippa Middleton’s wedding on Saturday night, May 20. The royal couple were not seen together throughout the big celebration.

Kate was to William as she was in charge of Pippa’s needs. She was photographed with their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, while he was with Prince Harry. The couple were as far apart as a couple could get during the big celebration.

Rumor has it, Kate and William were attending secret marriage counseling sessions after his bad behavior back in March. “Of course it was all downplayed, but Kate was horrified and since then Wills has been nothing short of a slave trying to make amends,” an insider previously told , “All these publicity stunts and interviews are total deflections from the truth; Kate’s really struggling to forgive him.”

“She was humiliated and part of their therapy is for him to make public gestures to repair the damage,” added the insider.


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