Priyanka Chopra Reminds Wendy Williams That Meghan Markle Is Not Defined By Prince Harry Relationship


‘Baywatch’ star Priyanka Chopra was quick to remind Wendy Williams that her friend, Meghan Markle, has a lot more to her than just her relationship with Prince Harry.

Priyanka appeared on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ earlier this week to discuss her new film, in which she stars opposite Zac Efron and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

However, conversation quickly turned to her personal life, and specifically the actresses she hangs out with when she’s not on set.

Wendy asked: “Here’s the big deal. The big question… you’re friends with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s girlfriend.”


Priyanka chats to Wendy Williams

However, Priyanka was quick to correct the presenter, insisting: “Also Meghan Markle, actress, ‘Suits’, her achievements. Just saying…”


Side-eye alert

Undeterred, Wendy continued: “OK, I understand that. But do you think they’ll get married? They’re a good couple and I want her to take it all the way to… the kingdom… will you be a bridesmaid?”

Priyanka then told her: “We’re not that close, I’ve known her about two years now… once I get the invite, if I even get invited.”

Possibly sensing Priyanka was in no mood to divulge her friend’s personal life, Wendy then said they were getting “back to you”, and shuffled down the sofa, to which the actress said: “Thanks, I wasn’t important enough. I’m glad because of Meghan you were right here [on the sofa].”



What a comfortable exchange.

Priyanka isn’t the only star to clap back at Wendy on her own show, and last year Keke Palmer accused the host of being “accusatory” and lacking in “compassion” when discussing her personal life in her ‘Hot Topics’ section.

Watch Priyanka and Wendy’s full interview below:

Awkward Interview Moments

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