Real Madrid protest to Spanish FA about Girona vs Barcelona USA LaLiga plan



Los Blancos are not happy about their rivals potentially playing an ‘away’ match at a neutral venue

Real Madrid have submitted a protest against plans for Girona vs Barcelona to be played in America.

LaLiga want to stage the match in Miami on January 26, however Real believe this could potentially provide their rivals with a small, but still unfair, advantage in the title race.

Real Madrid’s home stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid’s home stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu

In a letter to the Spanish Football Federation, Los Blancos declared that for the sake of the league’s “integrity and equality,” home and away matches must be played as such.

The Spanish league have agreed to play one game per season in the US as part of a 15-year deal, however this has caused uproar among multiple clubs since it was announced.

Real stated in their letter: “First of all we would like to declare that Real Madrid were never informed that LaLiga had requested to play the game nor of the intention to make the request, and we were never asked our opinion on it.

“Nor, obviously, did LaLiga obtain Real Madrid’s agreement, despite the fact that this game affects a competition in which we participate.”

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