SAS troops rushed to Brit holiday hotspot Magaluf after chilling ISIS threat


SAS trained troops are being deployed to British holiday hotspots after ISIS issued a chilling threat, nearly one week after the devastating Manchester bombing.

“You don’t get a softer target than British tourists lying in the sun”

Security source

The elite troops will be stationed on beaches in the Costa del Sol in a bid to route out jihadis planning a similar attack to the Sousse killings in 2015.

Troops will patrol beaches and hotels disguised as tourists, and will aim to spot terrorists before they can strike.

The threat was made by ISIS against hotspots in the Spanish mainland, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands, including party central Magaluf.

SAS troops and the Magaluf stripGETTY

ON GUARD: SAS trained troops will be sent to the party island

A security source told the Mail on Sunday: “Spain has been singled out as a target by the jihadis, it is wide open to an attack now that security in the UK has been tightened.

“This is a very secretive mission because tour operators don’t want to spread panic and reduce their business

“The ex-troops will be looking out for any suspicious activity which might indicate that terrorists are planning an attack.

“You don’t get a softer target than British tourists lying in the sun.”

Tour operators approached a British security company who have recruited the most experienced of undercover operations.

These Brit holiday destinations are expected to be heaving with families over the upcoming half-term holiday.

Magaluf beachGETTY

HEAVING: Brits are expected to flock to the Costa del Sol

Gambling capital Las Vegas is also on alert after the death cult warned of an attack on sin city.

The threat of another ISIS attack has been raised after Salman Abedi killed 22 people in a suicide bombing outside of the Manchester Arena.

And Russia has warned citizens not to visit Britain because of the current terror threat.

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