Sexy teacher naked: Yevgenya S sacked after footage of her stripping to win iPhone emerges


A KINKY student teacher has been kicked out of college after footage emerged of her stripping fully naked, in order to win an iPhone.

“We were enjoying ourselves, drinking, then the competition began”

Yevgenya S

An 19-year-old brunette babe stripped down to a small pair of white knickers to win the latest smartphone.

A raucous crowd in the bar was filmed cheering her on as she removed her small pants to unleash her gorgeous birthday suit.

But after viewing the contest in Troitsk, Russia, bosses at the pedagogical college were not impressed and removed her from her course.

The teacher was filmed stripping to her birthday suitCEN

BAD TEACHER: The brunette was filmed stripping completely naked

To add to the misery of the student, reports claim she did not win the top prize, and was instead gifted a cheaper model of the phone.

The stripper, identified only as Yevegenya S, said: “We were enjoying ourselves, drinking, then the competition began.

“The host started with boys, then it was my turn.”

Yevgenya added that she has been forced to go into hiding since the saucy footage surfaced.

Her mum has also had to work several jobs to get her into college.

The mum, Elena, said she is worried about her daughter, but is determined not to argue with her.

She said: “”She is not 15, she should think with her own head where she is headed. She is a calm person and does what others tell her.”

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