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The terrifying great white was spotted in Brunswick, Canada near Green’s Point Lighthouse by tourists on a boat. One onlooker managed to capture the great white shark on camera when its dorsal fin violently slashed through the water.

The tourists on the boat were on a whale watching tour at the time when they witnessed the attack.

The whale watchers could be heard screaming as the huge great white tore a helpless seal apart.

One of the onlookers could even be heard crying as the boat continued on its journey.

At the start of its attack, not much can be seen as the majority of the struggle took place under water.

However, the shark’s trademark dorsal fin could be seen above the water as the seal began to thrash about in distress.

As the seal became more helpless, the ocean turned crimson as it bled out.

The great white then seized the opportunity to accelerate its attack and finish off the seal.

One of the crew members on the boat Erika Head told local news outlets that the tourists were watching seals on the rocks when all of a sudden they saw fins.

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Researchers have concluded that killer whales, also known as orcas, have disrupted the natural hierarchy and are now killing great white sharks.

Two particular killer whales are thought to be responsible for hunting the great white sharks.

Tourists are now hoping to see the killer whales which are thought to be brothers called Port and Starboard.

The two killer whales have also been branded “super predators”.

One False Bay tour boat operator said the two killer whales would be great for tourism.

They said: “It would be a great money spinner, if only we could predict where they’ll turn up.”

The pair both have deformed dorsal fins after being shot at on the high seas by fishermen after attempting to steal their catch.

Killer whales are known as one of nature’s most cunning predators.

They typically work in pairs of groups to grip a shark’s pectoral fins in their jaws before flipping and ripping them open.

However, killer whales only specifically eat the livers of great white sharks.

The first documented sighting of a killer whale hunting great whites was spotted off the coast of San Francisco in 1997.

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