SpaceX’s Military Satellite Launch Is Delayed Again


Photo Credit: SpaceX/Twitter

SpaceX hasn’t had the best luck with weather conditions: The company postponed its U.S. military satellite launch again due to bad winds.

On Saturday, SpaceX confirmed the delay on its Twitter account. It wrote, “Standing down today due to strong upper-level winds.” SpaceX was set to send its GPS III SV01 satellite to space at 9:21 a.m. EST on Saturday at the Cape Canaveral site in Florida.

In the Twitter message, SpaceX also disclosed that the next GPS III SV01 satellite launch attempt will be on Sunday, Dec. 23, at 8:51 a.m. EST. Despite the unpredicted delay, SpaceX had its Falcon 9 launch webcast ready to go 11 minutes before the initial take-off time.

This isn’t the first delay message from SpaceX this week: On Thursday, SpaceX announced on its Twitter account that it delayed the GPS III SV01 launch in the morning because of bad thunderstorms in the area. Following this postponement, SpaceX moved the GPS III SV01 launch to Saturday at 9:21 a.m. EST, only to delay it again due to Mother Nature.

Hopefully, SpaceX will have better weather tomorrow to send its GPS III SV01 satellite into orbit, considering this would be SpaceX’s first U.S. national security space mission. With the GPS III SV01 satellite launch, SpaceX would be able to help increase national defense and strengthen U.S. Air Force surveillance.

For more updates on the GPS III SV01 launch, visit SpaceX’s Twitter account here.

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