Spain v England: Riot police FIRE SHOTS in air as drunk England fans attack cars | World | News

Spain v England: Riot police FIRE SHOTS in air as drunk England fans attack cars | World | News
Spain v England: Riot police FIRE SHOTS in air as drunk England fans attack cars | World | News

Video footage appears to show fans kicking wing mirrors off parked cars and aggressively surrounding drivers.

One hooligan was filmed throwing a glass at a passing car in the centre of Seville, where 3,000 England fans have travelled for the team’s match against Spain in the UEFA Nations League tonight.

Riot police were forced step in and fire warning shots into the air as the violence continued to escalate, triggering a small stampede among some England fans.

There have been no reports of any arrests or serious injuries.

As fans arrived in Seville, many immediately hit bars and spent most of Sunday drinking, before rampaging through Pesco Colon and Agenda Reyes Catolicos – two of Seville’s main streets.

Further footage shows one hooligan using his left foot to kick off a wing mirror when walking past a parked car as other supporters sang football sings.

A bottle was also thrown at a passing car, surrounded by a group of men, as they made their way down a street.

Moments later they can be seen running towards an apparent confrontation between police and England fans, before they ran back in the same direction chanting “England, England”.

Officers then fired warning shots into the air in an attempt to disperse the supporters and stop them gathering at a street corner.

Several fans were filmed holding chairs from street bars and restaurants and holding them menacingly above their heads in the air as riot police arrived.

One fan, dressed in shorts and t-shirt, was also filmed sitting on a bar chair in the middle of the road and blocking oncoming traffic.

Local Spanish media have branded the latest incidents “disgraceful” and raged they have ruined the good atmosphere Seville had been expecting in the lead-up to the match.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, National Police Chiefs’ Council Football Policing Lead, said British officers are in Spain working alongside local counterparts.

He added: “They will also be gathering intelligence, and anyone seen to be misbehaving could not only face being arrested and charged for offences in Spain, they could also be subject to a football banning order on their return to the UK.”

But a warning from Britain’s top football police officer Mr Roberts last week, urging thousands of travelling England fans to avoid a repeat of the drink-fuelled violence that marred the team’s last visit to Spain in 2015, seems to have been ignored.

Despite further anti-social behaviour in Germany and Holland, this summer’s World Cup in Russia was deemed a huge success because of the lack of trouble, doing much to boost the nation’s reputation.

The latest figures show only three England fans were arrested during the tournament, while only seven banning orders were placed on fans returning from the tournament.

Mr Roberts had warned Spanish police have a much lower tolerance have a much lower tolerance to anti-social behaviour.

He told the Daily Mail: “What we saw in the summer was a number of genuine supporters who, through their friendly and engaging behaviour, really improved the reputation of England fans.

“While there were a couple of isolated incidents, the behaviour of the vast majority of fans was exemplary, and resulted in a better experience for everyone.

“This was in complete contrast to the scenes in Amsterdam earlier this year, and it would be incredibly disheartening to see a return to that kind of behaviour.

“I want to encourage anyone travelling to Spain to build on what was achieved in Russia.”

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