Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Seems to Be Coming Along Great


Stardew Valley’s previously teased multiplayer mode could be coming along sooner than you think. A recent tweet from @ConcernedApe, or creator Eric Barone, showed off 4-player Stardew Valley at a LAN party at his house. “Can’t wait to share this,” he captioned the image on the tweet.

Many have clamored for Stardew Valley’s multiplayer since it was announced that the game was actually getting it to start with, and now it looks like it’s coming along at a pretty fast clip. Soon, we’ll all be able to hang out at each other’s houses and scream at each other for more resources and assign routes and tasks to everyone. Stardew Valley is a game that lends itself well to this type of gameplay, so it’ll be awesome to see this mode finally come to fruition.


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