‘Stolen tank’ in Virginia, USA sends social media into frenzy as it races down Interstate | World | News


The “tank” is actually a weaponless armoured personnel carrier which was taken from Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia, state police said.

By-standers were shocked as they spotted the military vehicle racing down highways and Richmond city streets and the video has gone viral on the internet.

One person on Twitter said: “Driving down Broad Street in Richmond. At least 30 police vehicles pursuing/escorting a tank.

“I don’t believe what I just typed.”

Another said: “This is insane! Someone has hijacked a “tank-like” vehicle from Fort Pickett and just drove it by our apartment!

“This is on Broad Street in the Fan.

And another said: “Legit saw a stolen tank drive by our neighbourhood with mad cops chasing it.

“It’s never a dull moment in Richmond.”

State police said the chases ended around 9.45pm local time (2.45am GMT).

No injuries or crashes have been reported.

Local reporter Ned Oliver said: “Witnesses say he drove the vehicle up on the median, stopped, got out and started walking around.

“Police sent a dog to attack him and shot him with a taser and he was taken into custody.

“The chase began more than 60 miles away in Blackstone.”

The suspect has not been identified yet.

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corrine Geller said in a statement: “The adult, male driver of the vehicle is now in state police custody and the incident is under investigation.

“Charges are pending.”

It is believed the vehicle is an M577 APC.

The truck was seen on Interstate 95 and US Route 460.

Interstate-95 is one of the busiest highways in the US and can be travelled from Maine in the north down to Florida in the south.

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