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None of the political parties in Sweden are predicted to win a majority in tomorrow’s elections. 

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are likely to win around 20 percent of the vote, which will make them the second biggest party.

The party doubled its seats in the last election in 2014 and could double them once more this year.

But current Prime Minister and leader of centre-left Social Democrats Stefan Lofven has said voting for the nationalist party is “dangerous” and “counterproductive”, according to the 

Omni news site.

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson said today that Sweden had been “an extreme country in may ways, not least when it comes to immigration”.

However, his plan to take in fewer migrants would be considered “normal politics in the rest of Europe”. 

What time do polls open tomorrow and when do they close?

Voters will take to the polls between 8am and 8pm on Sunday. 

People are set to elect members of the Riksdag, which is the supreme decision-making body of Sweden. 

The Prime Minister of Sweden will then be elected by the Riksdag. 

There will be 349 seats on offer at the election and 175 of those will be needed for a majority. 

Some of the main contenders in the election race are the Social Democrats, The Moderates and The Sweden Democrats. 

Immigration has been a big topic during the election campaign. 

Some voters have shared concerns that housing, healthcare and welfare services are being strained due to a wave of immigration during the 2015 migrant crisis. 

Sweden took in around 163,000 asylum seekers that year, which was the highest intake in the EU per head of population. 

The Swedish Democrats also want to leave the European Union and are considering a Swexit referendum.

This is unlikely to happen though, as the centrist parties all oppose this. 

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