Taylor Swift’s Bodyguard and Photographer Testify in Groping Trial: We ‘Saw It’


Witnesses took a stand in ‘s groping trial against former radio DJ David Mueller. Bodyguard Greg Dent, photographer Stephanie Simbeck, and Shannon Melcher, Mueller’s ex-girlfriend who’s also the third person in the photo of the alleged assault, testified on Thursday, August 10.

“I saw it happen,” Simbeck told the court. “I saw his hand grab her a**.” The backstage photographer added, “As I went to take the photo I saw her fall into the female and she had an uncomfortable, shocked look on her face.”

Dent also backed up the allegation. “I know I saw it,” the bodyguard said. “When he went to put his arm around her, his hand went up her skirt. She jumped to pull her skirt down and moved closer to the girl.”

He said he didn’t do anything about the groping because the star “didn’t give any indication she wanted me to do anything.” He seemingly restrained himself because Swift often complained that he “was a little too mean.”

“I’m sure she would have said something if she wanted me to intervene. In certain situations, I go off what Miss Swift wants me to do,” the guard said. When asked why the singer didn’t say anything about the incident, he said, “She stayed there to finish. She had more people there. She was going to finish.”

Dent now no longer works for Swift. According to the pop star, he declined when offered a new position as she restructured her security team.

Meanwhile, Mueller’s ex Melcher said she was not sure where Mueller placed his hands when the three of them took the group picture. “The photo happened very quickly,” she explained. “I was facing forward, I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.” She additionally denied any suggestion that she and Muelled drank alcohol before the concert.

Mueller’s former radio show co-host Ryan Kliesch was among the witnesses taking a stand as well. He said he had never known Mueller to be disrespectful to a woman, adding that he initially “thought it was a joke” when he first heard of the accusation.

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