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The suspect is 25-years-old and comes from Richmond Hill, Ontario, around 30 minutes north of Toronto.

According to the suspect’s Linkedin profile, he is a student at Seneca College.

Police did not have anything on their files in relation to the suspect prior to the attack, according to the Toronto Police Chief Mark Sanders.

They also do no believe the suspect is associated to any organised terrorist group.

Officials also stated the the incident does not pose a larger threat to national security based on the information they currently have.

During a press conference officials said: “There would appear to be no national security connection to this particular incident.

“The events that happened on the streets behind us are horrendous, but they do not appear to be connected in any way to national security based on the information that is available at this time.”

Sunnybrook Hospital received multiple patients, including five in critical conditions, two in serious conditions, and one in a fair condition.

Two patients were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Henry Miller, a witness of the crash, commented on the incident saying: “I would say he fairly deliberately hit pedestrians … before eventually careering off into one of the other side streets and out of view.”

Other witnesses also said the driver appeared to deliberately drive at speed onto the pavement before “crumbling” pedestrians.

They said the driver swerved from side to side, on and off the pavement, in an apparent attempt to hit pedestrians.

A man who gave his name as Ali told CNN that the driver appeared to have been targeting people.

He said: “This person was intentionally doing this, he was killing everybody.

“He kept going, he kept going. People were getting hit, one after another.”

He said a number of the victims were older people and at one point he saw a pram fly into the air.

Police have offered no details on the driver’s possible motive.

The vehicle involved in the crash was a white Ryder rental van.

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