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NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) is currently monitoring another disturbance over the Bahamas, which could potentially track towards the US. According to reports, the tropical system – liekly to be named as Tropical Storm Humberto – may affect Florida, Alabama and other portions of the Gulf Coast between late this week and early next week. The system could potentially continue it’s path over Hurricane Dorian-wrecked areas of the Bahamas, bringing heavy rains and gusty winds with it.

The NHC currently predict the system has 70 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours.

The system also has an 80 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next five days.

The weakest form of tropical cyclone is a tropical depression, and if this depression reaches maximum sustained wind speeds of 39mph, it will become classified as a tropical storm.

At maximum sustained wind speeds of 74mph or more, the tropical storm upgrades to hurricane status.

NOAA said the system is becoming “better organised”, and surface pressures are falling in the area.

It is unknown whether the system is likely to reach speeds high enough to be classed as a hurricane.

But the NHC and NOAA tracking maps suggest the barrelling vortex will track towards Florida, hitting with high winds should it reach ‘tropical storm’ status.

In their 8am (EDT) outlook, the NHC said: “Satellite images indicate that the area of disturbed weather over the central and southeastern Bahamas is gradually becoming better organized while surface pressures are falling in the area.

“Conditions are becoming favorable for a tropical depression or a tropical storm to form within the next day or so as the system moves toward the northwest through the northwestern Bahamas and toward the Florida Peninsula at 5 to 10 mph.

“If this development trend continues Potential Tropical Cyclone advisories will likely be initiated later today.

“This disturbance will bring heavy rainfall and gusty winds across portions of the Bahamas through Friday, especially in portions of the northwestern Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian.”

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The NHC are also warning of a second system churning on the Atlantic, currently located several hundred miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands.

However, this “tropical wave” currently has a near zero percent chance of forming into a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours – but a 40 percent chance over the next five days.

NOAA’s NHC are continuing to monitor the developing systems, with Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft scheduled to investigate the system if it intensifies.

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