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The “special relationship” between the UK and the US suffered a blow last weekend, following a leak of emails from the UK ambassador to the United States. Donald Trump lashed out against diplomat Sir Kim Darroch in a furious tirade via Twitter yesterday, in which he said the diplomat was “not much liked”. He also called Theresa May “foolish” in her handling of Brexit and unloaded pressure on her future replacement.

What happened to US-UK diplomacy?

The current spat between Donald Trump and Sir Kim Darroch is rooted in an email leak last weekend.

On Sunday, emails from the diplomat were leaked to the public, in which he said Donald Trump’s administration was “inept and dysfunctional”.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to voice his displeasure of Sir Kim’s remarks, and also took the time to Critique Theresa May’s leadership.

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He called Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit process a “mess”.

Today, he continued his criticism against the UK, saying Sir Kim was a “very stupid guy”, and Theresa May was “foolish”.

He wrote: “The wacky Ambassador that the UK foisted upon the United States is not someone we are thrilled with, a very stupid guy.

“He should speak to his country, and Prime Minister May, about their failed Brexit negotiation, and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was handled.”

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“I told @theresa_may how to do that deal, but she went her own foolish way-was unable to get it done.

“A disaster! I don’t know the Ambassador but have been told he is a pompous fool.

“Tell him the USA now has the best Economy & Military anywhere in the World, by far and they are both only getting bigger, better and stronger.

“Thank you, Mr President!”

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Since the leaks surfaced, UK officials have urged a police investigation.

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the foreign affairs committee, said he put in a formal request to the Met Police.

The Met Police are yet to reveal whether it will carry out a full investigation.

The government, however, said it would launch an inquiry into the origin of the leaks, and called them “utterly deplorable”.

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